Surname Cloud and filters

Do you know if there is a way to display in the Surname Cloud only those of filtered persons? Make it dynamic?

I can filter what I want then create a new database, but it will be cool to have it straight.

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The usefulness of lot of the Built-in Gramplets would benefit from the ability to apply a filter to the data being evaluated.

Maybe a method to “apply the filter Gramplet to the Sidebar/Bottombar container content” would be an potential option?

Lots to think about there. Would a way to register the Gramplet as “excluded from filtering” be necessary? Would the filter be from the Filter Gramplet in the View’s same splitbar OR in the opposite splitbar? Maybe the filter would be chosen via the View’s configuration feature?

Built-in Gramplet list Pre-filters Benefit from filter?
2-Way Fan Chart Active Person Yes
Age Stats No Yes
Age on Date No Yes
Ancestors Active Person
Attributes Active Record
Calendar No No
Children Active Person
Citations Active Record
Descendant Fan Active Person
Descendants Active Person
Details Active Recird
Encloses Active Place
Enclosed By Active Place
Events Active Person
Events Coordinates Active Event
Fan Chart Active Person
Filter No No?
Gallery Active Record
Given Name Cloud No Yes
Image Metadata Active Media
Media Preview Active Media
Notes Active Record
Pedigree Active Person
Quick View Active Record
Records No Yes
References Active Record
Relatives Active Person
Residence Active Person
Session Log No Complicated
SoundEx No No
Statistics No Yes
Surname Cloud No Yes
To Do No Yes
Top Surnames No Yes
Welcome to Gramps! No No
What's Next? No Yes
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