Spouse birth date not in personal information of primary person

I’m using macOS Big Sur version 11.6.1 & gramps 5.1.3.
Spouse birth date not in personal information of primary person. ie .person’s birth date, death date when married who married to but not spouse’s birth or death date. Is there somewhere to select this information to be added? I’m currently adding it as a Note.


The context for this question is unclear.

The Birth & Death information (date & place) are stored under those Event types withing the spouse’s “Person”. The spouse must hold the “Primary” role for those events. There are “fallback” events for those event types. (i.e., a christening or baptism approximates a birth date & a burial/cremation approximates a death date.)

The Birth & Death of both spouses appear in the Family timeline. But only the events of a spouse which fall WITHIN the lifespan of their mate are shown on the mate’s timeline.
Here’s a timeline from the experimental Browse/Linked view by @cdhorn :

Note the above screenshot is from Nick’s Combined View, not the view I have been experimenting with.

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Hello Emyoulation.
I can see where my question was not clear. The information I’m inquiring about is when I generate a detailed descendant report. In the report the primary person’s information is generated For example My father -the following information is generated -his name, birth date, where born,death information who he married and when. Not generated is the spouse information- birth date & death date with his information.

If you need more clarification let me know.


More clarification would be nice. I looked at the Addon:Detailed Descendant Report With All Images and the Addon:Descendant and Detailed Descendant Book Reports. They had a variety of options in the Include tabs. And by default, they excluded the spouse and events.

Is one of these the report you are asking about? And have you experimented with those Include options?

If the above suggestion does NOT point you in the right direction, please specify exactly which report you are interested in. (Easiest to click the “Help” button in lower left of the Report dialog, then paste the URL that is opened.) Any examples should be run using a specific person from the example.gramps sample tree. This allows us to work with the same data and eliminates a LOT of ambiguity.

The following are not a printable reports but they nice reference features making the information that you want visible using the Quickview gramplet. (The Quickview gramplet makes selected Quickview static reports update automatically as the active record changes.):


It used to be very frustrating to navigate to the Active Family to one found in the Relationships view or in an Edit dialog. Then I discovered the label beside the Family ID could be dragged to the Clipboard and one of the right-click context menu options for a selected family on the Clipboard was “Make the family active”.

Hello Brian

As you suggested I went into the Descendant Detailed report and found the option " include" tab. In the tab I found I could “include spouse’ & include spouse reference.

The information I was looking to add was done through theses tabs. Now that I know where these tabs are I will experiment some more.

A “ big thank you" for guiding me to where I could solve my issue.

Thanks again


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