Split database (Tree) into 4 parts at grandparent lines?

Gramps Version 5.1.5.
OS Linux

Hi - as I said before …
I am a complete beginner :wink:

That’s why I just got started and now working with > 300 people.

Now the question for me is

  1. whether I can split the database
    and if so
  2. how do I divide a db into 4 db, i.e. a branch for each of my grandparents. :wink:

To be more precise 4 separated db.

Is that possible at all?

It is possible.

But I (and many others) do not recommend it.

Besides keeping track of and updating the common families in two or all of the branches, you would also be maintaining 4 set of place hierarchies, sources and citations.

When needed, if you want to run a report on any one of the branches, that can easily be done from the single database.

But, if you want to proceed, I recently showed how to create a series of filters to identify all of the relatives of a person.

You would use each of the grandparents in the filter and create an export of that person’s branch.

Use the Gramps XML export, use the with media option if each database will have its own media folder, select your branch filter in the People filter (it will be the last filter I demonstrate), and select the References filter Do not include records not linked to a selected person.

Import these exports into a new empty tree and you will have new databases for each grandparent.


@ DaveSch many thanks for the quick reply and the filter set.

As I am still a complete beginner, I will of course follow your advice and not split the db into 4 parts.

Is there a “repository” here at Gramps for such hot tips, so that I can find your contribution again if necessary, or should I copy the instructions here at my place.

Thanks again.
The db will remain as it is for now.

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