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Hello together,
what is the best way to remove a part of a tree, better say a complete bunch of a family ?
Thanks for any help.

Gramps 5.1.3, Win10 OS.

Write a filter that selects For the branch you want to delete. In the Define Filter window, at the bottom check the Return values that do not match the filter rules. ie. select the people and families that are not in the filter created.

Then do a Gramps.(xml) export. In the Export options window set the Person filter to this filter you created. Set the Reference Filter to Do not include records not linked to a selected person. Make sure that any Privacy or Living filter does not exclude information or people you want to keep.

Once you have the export file, create a new database tree and import the file you just created. The branch of the tree and all their associated records should be gone.

Note: If you are taking this action so that you can create separate trees for all your various branches of your tree, it is always easier to maintain a larger tree with many branches than to make many branches their own tree. There will always be common people in many or all branches that will now need to be maintained as well as place and source records. Your branch and your spouse’s branch combine to make your children’s branch.

Thanks Dave.
I want to replace a family tree bunch finally with same tree, but better maintained from someone else’s tree. The tree has appr 1200 persons, from 4700 overall.

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And that will be easier than merging all those records!! :smile:

Yes, for sure. I have never done this with Gramps, will see how works :blush:

You may want to import the file you will receive into its own Gramps file first so you can review and fix any glaring issues. When you are ready to import it into your main tree, make a backup (not export) of the Gramps evaluation tree to import. Then it should be easy to merge the few people that both trees will have in common to unify the trees. If there are duplicate events for these merged people, you can either merge these events or delete one of the copies. Make sure any source/citations, etc are moved (or merged) from any events you delete.

A trick to make sure you are merging the correct event or citations, I created a Merge tag and made it florescent pink. This way from a list (where you will actually do a merge) you can help ensure you are merging the objects you want. You can also do a quick filter on the tag. Just remember to remove the tag after the merged result. Helps ensure the correct John Smiths get merged.

The other area that may need more merge attention will be in the Place database. Something that may help is to tag all the place records in the evaluation tree so you will know which place records were imported. There is a Clear Tag tool for when you are done with the need of the tag (or delete it).

And as always backups are a good thing to have before undertaking this type of endeavor. If something goes awry, it is always easier to start again from a backup. The other thing is to practice safe computing. Always know which file/tree you are working with. Good Luck! :+1:

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