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GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 - Windows 10

I thought I was able to filter Events by the Event Type even if they were customized events. I renamed an event type and now cannot seem to be able to do this. When on the Events Page and I use the Type drop down box it lists the default types but no “Custom” option. I can enter the “type” manually (Case sensitive) and it will sort but cannot select via drop down box. If I am on the “People” or “Families” pages I can sort by Event Type using the drop down option. Is this correct or do I have an issue and if so how can I fix. I have closed and restarted Gramps after making the Event Type name change.
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I have noticed this behavior. And then the next time I go to filter on Type the Custom list is visible to select these options. As you note, I have always been able to start typing in the Type.field to make a selection (my preferred method).

A handy addon is the Type Cleanup tool. It will scan all areas of the database and present you with a list of any and all custom entries. You can rename Types or delete unused Types so they will no longer show in the drop-down lists. Simply running the tool may reset all the drop-down options.

Another way to reset things like this is to create a new database tree and import the last backup .gramps (xml) file. I do this every few months.

One longstanding issue is that the sidebar filters don’t update immediately when new custom types are created. The types in the sidebar only update when Gramps first opens the filter, on startup, or when the filter is added. You could remove and then add in the sidebar filter again if you don’t want to close the Gramps session, otherwise just performing a restart will show the custom entries.

I worked out a way to fix this as part of the GEPS45 place enhancements work, but I don’t know if I will ever get around to doing this for other grampstype entries. Depends on if place enhancements is ever accepted.


DaveSch, Tried to download this addon and got a 404 message :frowning:

Thanks! tried this and it worked a treat! :slight_smile: :smiley:

The easiest way to install an addon is to go to menu >> Edit >> Preferences. On the General tab Third party addons management

If you have already run the process without installing the addon, you will need to uncheck Do not ask about previously notified addons then Check for updated addons now. Select and install the Tool Types Cleanup (and any other addon).

There are only a very few addons that would need manual installation Most often new experimental ones.

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There was a typo in the Link URL. (an extra trailing Z)

It’s fixed now. Thanks for finding it.

Most people use the Plugin Manager rather than downloading & installing manually. Since that is so much easier. However, visiting the development pages for Tools is a good idea. Gramplets & Reports have buttons pointing to help files but tools don’t. So finding the documentation first is a good idea.

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