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GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-1 / Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I have a question about custom life events. I don’t know if that’s the correct translation, but I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

When I create a new ´Life Event´ that doesn’t exist in the specified categories, it is placed in the ´Custom´ category. Is it possible to rename or sort the category list? The screenshot shows an example:

The “Dimission” entry is to be moved from the “Selbst definiert” category to the “Religiös” category. So far I haven’t found a solution and maybe someone has an idea how I can sort the entries.

Thanks to all developers and users for this great software


At this time No. I have seen some drop-down lists sorted in very early 5.2 tests. I am hoping this will be a universal feature.

But you can avoid using the complete list to select an event type (or any other Type). If the offered default is not what you need, just start typing. The list will start filtering the drop-down available options.

Note: There is a Type Cleanup addon tool that can help you manage your custom types. It will allow you to rename or remove unwanted entries.

Other than a hack of the code there is no way to make a Custom entry fit into one of the categories.

Thank you for the answer; although there is currently no way to sort the list. At least I don’t have to search anymore. The cleanup tool is already running and works very well.

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