Solved - Bulk edit Relationship

V 5.1.5-1 Win10

In Families tab, I have a few hundred husband-wife pairs that have Relationshp = unknown.

Is there a way to bulk edit these? I’ve tried CSV export, but this data isn’t available in the file.


There is an Add-On which will bulk change Relationships. It is unclear what it is going to do. You select the desired Relationship (like Married) and it will change ALL to Married.

I would have preferred it only changed Unknown to Married, but it worked.

Proceed with CAUTION !!!

Most tools let you apply a custom filter and affect only matching records.

The General filters in the Families category has a “Families with the relationship type” rule where you can specify the “Unknown” type.

Remember to set the Default Family Relationship on the Preference’s Display tab.

The default is “Unknown”.