Should addons PR include version number update?

Maintainers and contributors: what is the expected practice for updating version numbers when creating a PR an addon?

Most open PRs I looked at in the gramps/addons-source repository include the code change but do not bump up the version number in the addon’s file. Based on this message from @prculley I inferred that the version number is updated during the release process. Is that correct?

This question came up in a comment I made on PR-543 by @GaryGriffin and @jpschewe

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Yes the “patch part” of the version number (= MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) ist updated during the addon build process e.g. 1.1.3 => 1.1.4
You can find this step in addons-source/


Thanks, @Mattkmmr. In this case case I will ask for the version number changed to be backed out.

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