Backporting changes and versioning addon to prior release of Gramps (Bug 13292)

What is Gramps’ practice regarding backporting a fix to previous release addons when broken due to OS or 3rd party changes? As an example, consider 0013292: SharedPostgreSQL plugin no longer works after upgrading to Ubuntu Linux 24.03.

With code changes made to addons for the 5.2 release cycle, the issue no longer exists, but the changes are not available in the 5.1 version of PostgreSQL addon.

Would the changes be backported in case of breaks due OS upgrades/3rd party changes, and reasonably easy to do so (which may not be the case here)?

I’m curious about how to version the addon since it continues sequentially across Gramps versions, i.e. the 5.1 addon is versioned 1.0.13 and the current 5.2 addon is 1.0.15. What might the updated 5.1 version be? Would the 5.2 addon be bumped too even though there are no changes?