Deafening silence recently in addon releases?

It might be my imagination, but does it seem like there haven’t been any add-ons (or Gramplet) new releases nor updates for a longer interval than seen in the last 5 years? Not even any translation updates. Is something in the pipeline broken?

I’ve been using beta versions of a couple tools & they are things that would greatly interest a large part of the community. One is stalled in peer review & the other hasn’t been packaged for release yet.

I also realize that @DaveSch & I need to troubleshoot the breakage FamilySearch’s rewrite of search query URLs have caused in the US Web Connect pack links. But if the pipeline is blocked…

Perhaps the Consanguinuity addon by @ukulelehans could be pushed out the door as a test?

(Then I might start shamelessly begging @cdhorn to troubleshoot the Navigator bar icon & freeze a release of his Linked/Browse view! He needs a LOT more feedback on the name & icon considering that he is proposing the addition of a new View Category, not just another view mode in an existing category.)

Quiet in here, isn’t it ?

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Newly released:

  • S3 Media Uploader 0.1.1
  • Form Gramplet 2.033 - (add US 1950 Census form)
  • Dynamic Web Report 0.0.93 - (Add missing quotation to form class)
  • Family Tree 4.2.21
  • Avatar Generator tool 1.0.11 - (Finnish language update)
  • Add/Remove Tag Tool 1.1.7


  • SuperTool 1.2.2
  • SharedPostgreSQL


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