Failure to communicate

Yesterday we missed an opportunity.

This Discourse forum had a major outage and our other channels weren’t promoted as alternatives. We have some communication channels that are used so infrequently that I doubt anyone monitors them.

This disruption was definitely a “News flash” worthy event.

The “News & Releases” and “Headline News” gramplet are both supposed to poll the same RSS feed. I don’t know if these are usable anymore. The Blog has been a virtual zombie since 2012. There’s only 1 posting (in 2017) that was other than a release note… My Headline News has been giving “WARNING .Gramplets: Gramplet gave an error: Headline News” alerts for more than a year. Resolved with patch

Looking back at the last communication (6 Feb 2022) indexed on the websites’s homepage, there was a corresponding message to the Announcements section here on Discourse, as well as the Developer and User maillist a day earlier. So the processes must be all independently triggered. (Or my different timezone could be messing with appearances.)

Could these resources have been harnessed yesterday? And who has rights? (Nick undoubtedly has rights. But this sort of community wrangling shouldn’t be a burden put on the architect. It opens his door to too much chaos.)

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The “News & Releases” section on our website just contains the most recent blog posts. To create a blog post you need a WordPress account.

The Headline News gramplet gathers information from various sources including recent blog posts and a page in the wiki. To edit this page in the wiki you need a wiki account.

Announcements on the gramps-announce mailing list can only be made by a select few people, including me.

The release announcements are all made manually. We use the change log to create a release note on GitHub in markdown format which can be also be used as the basis for a post on this forum. It then has to be modified to create formats suitable for posting on the mailing lists, blog and wiki. Even the release notes uploaded to SourceForge have to be tweaked slightly. It’s all done manually at the moment!

I don’t mind giving some other people access to write blog posts.

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