Same date of birth and death

I encounter a particular problem. I found a birth registration document for an individual in which the registrar records the birth and the affixing of the name to a dead born infant. If I enter the same date for birth and death accordingly, an error is returned when I verify the data. I know very well that I could remedy by indicating the following day for death but is there any way to respect what was expressed in the registration without running into error? Thank you

It is perfectly valid to enter a birth and death event on the same day. Are you using the verify tool when you see this error?

yes, if I do the various database consistency checks it does not report any problems. Report it to me only using “Verify data” from “Utilities”

There is nothing to worry about. You are recording the events correctly.

I don’t understand why the tool reports this as an error rather than a warning.

I make a bug request for that. I have hundreds of cases like this.
See bug #11553


Cool. @SNoiraud filed the bug report and has already committed the correction to the ‘Tools:Utilities:Verify the Data…’ code and targeted it for the next maintenance release!

@maudel15 They’ve determined that birthdate=deathdate should log a ‘warning’ rather than marked in red as an critical error. And that there is no workflow difference (just a difference in sorting & color coding).

So you do not need to worry downloading a ‘patch’ for your installation. Can you just ignore that ‘Birth equals death’ rrport lines are red for the moment?

yes, of course, it’s not a big problem but it seemed correct to report it. Thank you.

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Does everyone see that Birth equals death is not translated?

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