Find oddities to locate possible mistakes

If there are already ways to find these, please let me know.
People with multiple births, deaths. (merging has created some of these)
People born after their children or (before their parents), could be the same search
People with over x (ex. 18) number of children
People over age x (ex. 105) or under age x (ex. 0)
People with same name and same birth or death date, (a simpler, quicker version of find duplicates)
Number of times, over once that a person exists in your tree

Configure the People view (ungrouped) to include the Number of Children column, and then click on that column to sort the view.

Try “Find Possible Duplicate People” under Tools - Family Tree Processing.

Thanks, found a tool called FTAnalyzer that runs off a gedcom file which points out some of the oddities I was hoping to find.
My database is too large to run find duplicates.
Would prefer to find some oddities within this tool.

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Try the Data Verify tool. In particular age baring ages.

Another is Find database loop; father’s the son of their son, etc

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It depends on many things. Some possible mistakes can be real facts:
I have people during the french revolution with multiple birth events at different dates.
You have the baptism (birth) event in a city.
Apparently they forgot their birth place and for their marriage, they create another birth act in court in another city with a second date different of the first one. Personaly the baptism date is privileged

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Found that “Family Tree Analyzer” (runs on a gedcom file), does many things I was looking for and considerably more. Some of the things it checks for possible issues:
Questionable dates, ex. 9211719, should be 9/21/1719
Marriage after death
Birth before mom/dad age of 13
Birth after mom/dad age 60
Birth after mothers death
Age greater than 110 at death
It also finds possible duplicates in minutes/hours on a gedcom file vs hours/days on very large Gramps files.