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I spend not much time on the family tree but when I do, I struggle with some complications that probably everyone has, just I don’t know if there is a solution or maybe future development of Gramps will sort it.

So everyone knows that importing another family tree with the some of the existing records is not easy. But maybe I’m missing something and there is a way.

My situation is that I creating my family tree on Gramps and my other half crating it in Heritage (or similar) web tool. We are not really trying to enter the same persons but there is some with both trees and just we know that eventually we will marge two. So we have got to the some stage that we would like to marge now. I’m importing the hear tree to Grams. I try Family Trees >> Import and also Tools >> Family Tree processing >> Import and Merge Tool. but in both ways, I have some records duplicated even I use the Find Possible Duplicate People tool, the events, and families got duplicated. So now those persons that were in both trees now have some records duplicated.
In screenshots, you see that even after finding the duplicated person the Birth events are duplicated, in my case I have imported twice so there are two sets of duplicates. and the person has two or three sets of families with the same parents.
I haven’t messed with my main family tree but I’m bumped in the wall and don’t know how to make it without manually editing each person and deleting those duplicates. Even If I do that, Then I know that next time when comes time to import an even bigger update from my other half then it will be just insane.

more pictures here (as I’m not allowed to attach more than one)

After thinking while I came up with the idea to request for Gramps feature. When using Find Possible Duplicated People or Import and Merge Tool to have an option for all events, media objects, addresses, attributes, URLs, tags, etc to have radial options instead now everything by default are combined. I hope this makes sense what I’m writing here? Do you think this valid request should I spend time creating the request and explaining maybe more properly about?

Gramps version 5.1.3 on OpenSUSE TW KDE

Sorry for my possibly not clear English.
Thank you.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s quite a sensible request, although it will not always be easy to solve. Automatic merging of events is easy when they have equal dates and places, but when they don’t, it is quite difficult to add extra merge options to the merge window.

When you work with sites like My Heritage, things can get quite messy, because they often have their own way to create place names, so detecting that events were in the same place is not always easy.

I really like the idea though.

There are a number of people working on different aspects of this issue.

The Isotammi project is probably the largest group of people doing collaborative genealogy and using Gramps as one of their tools. They have built a number of add-on merging tools. And Kari’s ( @kku ) SuperTool is an expert level tool that allows scripted transforms to be designed & applied.

You ought also explore Paul’s ( @prculley ) Import and Merge tool

I suspect that changes that will be necessary to support the new (June 2021) announcement of the GEDCOM7 standard will have a big impact on collaborative merging too. Just the possibility that cross-references to application-specific IDs can be carried through import/export cycles is a huge improvement. It means that there is now a chance for persistent audit trails that could be used as hints for intelligent crosswalk of data. GEDCOM exchanges could retain the ‘memory’ that an Internal Handle for a particular place object in a Particular Gramps Tree has been translated to a Place ID in a Particular Heritage Tree. So it is the best match to merge on a successive import.

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