Issue with 5.1.2 on Ubuntu 18.04

When I downloaded and installed 5.1.2 the b and d (birth and death) on relation ship page did not show B and D. It showed * and +
What did I do wrong. I had to delete and go back to 5.0.1

First time asking a question and using this new forum
Thanks - Kathy

That’s the new Genealogical Symbols implementation.

I preferred the other way too. It seemed very conventional. So, on my installation, I tweaked the underlying support file ( gramps\gen\utils\ ) to replicate the original behavior.

well, I’m not talented enough to know how to do that so I guess I’m stuck with the old version because I despise those silly symbols. Makes it look like the program is broken.

Thank you very much for replying to me!

I kinda stumbled through the process by experimentation. But reverting birth & death only required changing a couple lines with a text editor.

Will work on writing up the tweak for sharing. (And confirm it won’t be compromising other things!) This would be a workaround until a better answer is found.

I believe part of the motivation was to reduce the localization/translation problems posed by abbreviated labels. There have been a number of discussions about this feature, extending symbols to Reports and how to finetune the display. I’m hoping it will evolve to become less autocratic.

oh wow! that would be awesome. the only ones that really bother me are birth, death and married, but married is not as impoertant as others

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