Revisiting "WebConnectPack addons/plugins"

Updating the US WebconnectPack was :100:completed following a thread here in the Discourse forum

Have the other Localizations been fixed?

  • :100: US Web Connect Pack (1.0.44)
  • :hourglass: UK Web Connect Pack (1.0.38)
  • DE Web Connect Pack (0.0.27)
  • FR Web Connect Pack (1.0.34)
  • NL Web Connect Pack (1.0.4)
  • RU Web Connect Pack (1.0.3)

@iainspence (new Gramps user. Welcome!) found that the UK version had not and just posted a bug report with updated URLs to fix linkrot in the UK version of the WebConnect Pack. The update is :hourglass:pending verification.

Could users of the other WebConnectPack Localizations piggyback their link updates on this bug report?

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One of the problems between the various country packs is that they often contain the same links so if you have all packs installed there are duplicate links. Solving that taught me how to Hide addons in the plugin manager. But then hiding addons only encourages duplicating sites within the various country packs.

Ideally there would be a common pack and then country packs with unique sites.

An then each user should have their own MYWebPack for their family specific sites or paid logins.

And maybe the libwebconnect should be added to the core code while the packs remain as addons. This would allow adding its one switch (middle names) to be added to preferences.


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