Restricting categories that I get emailed about

I am using Gramps 5.1.5 on Linux Kubuntu 22.04 and getting emails on Thunderbird.
What I would like to be able to do is filter the emails that Discourse sends me by Category. I am not interested in all the development discussions, so is there a way to block discourse emailing those to me?

Evidently, you have to approach it from the other direction. Instead of using the Mailing List mode and muting categories, use the “Watching” option for the categories in which you are interested. Sounds like you have to be a lot more proactive … as new categories are added, you have to start Watching those too.

What happens if you just mute a category?

We’ll find out. I have just muted the ‘Development’ category and we will see how it goes.


OK. I’ve just posted to the ‘Development’ category. Did you get anything?

Hi Nick, yes I unfortunately did get it, and all the responses, about Window width too narrow for default.


I have now on the categories item, selected the development boxes and hit enter and the development category seems to have disappeared for me on-line. We will see. Thanks for all the good work.


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