Responsiveness on MacOS

Do these messages seem to correlate with the lags you experience?

If you’re asking if the 2 second gap corresponded with a 2 second lag in 5.1.3, then yes, perhaps. This version is pretty much constantly behaving sluggishly, but there were a couple of times that it would take a little longer. The Macbook was showing a clock/watch where the cursor is in these cases; normally, 5.1.3 is just sluggish without the Macbook indicating explicitly with symbols.

Hi. I definitively saw a global sluggishness of Gramps very similar to what is described here, on my side.
I had put that on the account of my new Apple Silicon Mac (and the fact that Gramps is still an Intel binary), but in fact I don’t think I used it on my previous (Intel) Mac since macOS 11.4 came out.
So it looks like it is the same issue…

[Edit] I tested Gramps 5.1.2, and it works perfectly, as reported by @sebsterner

Here, I’m running gramps 5.1.3-4 on Mac mini M1, 11.4 and it is running fine and responsive, including in full screen mode. Gramps dmg was downloaded from GitHub.

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