Removing the home person

Using Gramps 5.1.3 - can you tell me how to remove the Home Person, please?
Thanks for your help.

If you want to delete a Person who is currently designated as the Home Person, you should set a different Person as the Home Person first.

I rarely suggest deleting a Person, but I may remove the reference to them from relationships. (That’s what happens when you remove a selected Person in any view but the People view.)

A person can be deleted from the database entirely though. Just go to the People view, select the person & click the Delete (-) button on the toolbar or choose Delete from the Edit menu.

You really don’t want to have the Home Person undefined. There are a lot of features that need that as a reference point. While it may not cause a fatal error, you’ll lose access to functionalities.

Thank you. I will follow your advice. I don’t want to delete the current Home Person totally, I just don’t want him as Home Person - it was a mistake.
I couldn’t find how to change Home Person - the user manual says you can only have one so I thought I was stuck with the current Home Person. It’s good to know I can change it. Also thanks for pointing out the potential ramifications of not having a designated Home Person - it sounds much more important than I realised.
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We’ve tried to set up the Gramps Glossary as a makeshift index in the wiki manual. With that, the Help buttons throughout the interface, and the visual guide to the Gramps interface, you can probably find the basic info in the wiki a bit more quickly.

To change Home Person just open the editor for the person you want as new Home Person, right click on any place on it outside any fields, and chose “Make Home Person”.

That’s a good point. Gramps often has several ways of doing things. It supports different workflows with each different way.

I like to set a Bookmark for the normal Home Person (which is me in my tree) to make that Person easy to find. That way, I am willing to change the Home Person on a whim. Afterwards, I quickly make the original Person the Active Person using the bookmark menu & restore the Home Person designation to them.

It is nice to set the Home Person to a cousin while speaking to them on the phone. I have the Status Bar Display Preferences set to show the Active Person’s relationship to the Home Person. So it prompts me on how to quickly cite their relationship to each person. (I like the Deep Connections Gramplet too. But it is slow and has recently become quirky.)

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The other way to set home person is in either People or Group People view, select a person then go to menu Edit >> Set Home Person.

Think of it as setting the focus of your work. With the status bar set to display the relationship to the home person, it shows you who you are adding editing and where they fit into your work.

Thank you for your explanations and options to try. I feel more confident now in setting the home person.

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