Make Home Person Root

Is there a way to make the home person the root person (I0000)?

You can change both the Home Person and the Gramps ID. Only the Internal Handle (which you cannot see) is immutable.

The only trick is that: if your Tree already has a Person using that target ID, you have to change them away from that first to make the target ID available for re-use. The Gramps interface doesn’t allow 2 Persons to have the same ID, even momentarily. (Sure, it can be done programmatically… but you really shouldn’t oughtta!)

You can use the Reorder Gramps ID tool to resequence the IDs too. Consider reserving the 1st 10K if you intend to use ‘meaningful’ IDs.

So, yes. But there’s really no point … unless you’re just trying to make it easier to remember what to type. Or make the printout prettier.

Technically speaking, there’s no designation called the ‘root person’ in Gramps.

By the bye, the default ID format for Persons/Individuals of I%04d is painfully small for even a modest Tree. Three leading zeroes just isn’t enough. I set mine to I%06d.

If you reset a person’s ID number, using the Reorder tool to resequence ID numbers (fill in gaps left by merging or deleting) the sequence will follow the order a person’s record was added. So if you arbitrarily change a person’s Gramps ID to I0000 it could/would be changed back and the first person entered would return to being I0000.

Just padding out the number of zeros without resequencing would keep anyone you made I0000 I000000.

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