Remove ellipses from graph

Gramps version is 5.1.5
Operating System is macOS 10.15.7

Hello! I’m very new to GRAMPS.

I’m intrigued by all the different ways to render the info I’ve entered into GRAMPS into a diagram – I mean, using the Reports menu (Graphs, Text Reports, etc.)

My question is if there’s a way to further tweak the visualizations available.

As a specific example, I like the Relationship Graph but don’t want the yellow circles (I’d prefer the line just fork out instead).

If I understand correctly, one way would be to output a Graphviz file (gv) and manually edit it in a text file to remove these ellipses. I’ve tried doing this – deleting references to the ellipses – but now I don’t know how to render a pdf file from the edited/saved gv file. Any tips?

Or otherwise, is there a more straightforward way to use GRAMPS to do what I’m trying to do – taking my specific example of removing the circles?


Welcome to the community. If you have the Graphviz app installed on your computer, you can use it to open the .gv file and then export to PDF. You can download the app from

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In the Relationships Graph, those yellow ellipses should contain the marriage information for the family; joining the two parents and any resulting children. How are you entering the marriage event for the family?

You may be interested in the Addon:Graph View. This creates a dynamic view within Gramps unlike a report which is a snapshot in time of your work.

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Thanks GeorgeWilmes:
I’ll give the standalone Graphviz a try. Nice to know I can manually correct the output to suit my needs, though it’s fairly labour intensive to have to edit code, so hoping i can find a solution within GRAMPS. But thanks for pointing me to the GV App.

And thanks DaveSch:
Yes, I recognize the function of the yellow ellipses is to highlight marriage info, and that’s useful, but in my specific case, I’d rather not have this. I’m just looking for a simple “fork” that forks from mother and father down to children.

Your question as to how I’m entering marriage events makes me realize there are several places to do so. Do you recommend entering marriage events under the appropriate family node?

And yes, thanks for suggesting the Addon:Graph View. I’d been looking at it. But ultimately, I want to render a pdf, for use elsewhere.

So, it looks as though editing a graphviz file is the only way to remove the ellipses, right?

Family events like Marriage, Divorce, Annulment, etc should be added on the Family record’s Event tab. The Role for these events should be Family. These events can be shared (I do not) with appropriate individuals and set each Role entry accordingly; Groom, Bride, Witness, etc.

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Don’t you just need to deselect the “Include marriage box” checkbox in the Display options tab?

Thanks! There isn’t a Display options tab in Relationship Graph, but there is a “show family nodes” in the Graph Style tab. Deselecting this option does get rid of the ellipses.

But it replaces it with another undesirable format which is that it has an arrow pointing from mother to each child and an arrow pointing from father to each child. It’s too many arrows! Here are two images to show you what this problem looks like:

I would prefer something more like this.

Reports like “Ancestor Tree” and “Descendant Tree” probably is more like you want, but they cant show all people I dont think and is less fancy.

There is also these addons, havent tested any of them much myself:
Interactive Family Tree