Relationships: What is the meaning of the different text styles?

I noticed that some persons are displayed in bold or italic or perhaps both, while others are displayed without any styles. Tried to find an explanation in the wiki, but wasn’t successful.

Where can I find an explanation of this?

They are probably the Active Person or Home Person indicators.

[Edited. If you’re talking about the Relationships view, the bold siblings have a family with offspring. Bold parents have another generation above them.]

The Bold person has both a relationship to Parents as a child and to a Family as a Spouse in the Relationship view

Any ideas about the italic ones?
Is this documented in the wiki already? If not, I could add it.

What do mean by italic ones?

There may be some dates in all views that are in italics. These represent Fallback events.

For displays and lists, they usually display the big three. Birth, Marriage, Death. But using Birth as an example, you may only have the person’s Baptism event. So instead of no information in the display, the Baptism date will be displayed as the Birth but shown in italics.

The Fallbacks are


  • Baptism
  • Christening


  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Cause of Death


  • Engagement
  • Alternate Marriage


  • Annulment
  • Divorce Filing

I have filed a request to add Stillborn as an event that would also be seen as a fallback for both Birth and Death.

So not sure if this is what you mean but if nothing else, adds to yours (and others) knowledge.

Just added fallback information to the wiki.

Here is a screenshot for clarification. I’m referring to the part marked in red.

Truthfully, I never noticed the change in the name fonts.

Looking at the code, the only items being actively set as Italic are the dates I mentioned above and the Headers Parents: and Family:.

The names are being displayed using a Theme. So apparently I need to add Bold and Italic when the individual is a Child of a family and a Spouse in a family. The active person loses the Italics in the sibling list.

The Views wiki page does mentions both Bold and Italic.

Ok, thank you very much.

Okay… I find the Italic explanation still unclear. Both in the wiki and here.

So the bold names in the Relationships view means there are more generations to explore vertically. i.e., Another generation (up or down away from the Active Person) will be revealed if you navigate the Active Person focus to the person with the emboldened name.

Does that mean more horizontal connections will be revealed for an italicized person? Are they a member of a Blended Family? Do they have multiple sets of parents? (Adoptions? Fosterings? Steps?) Or do they have multiple spouses with offspring?

@larsen , could you switch the focus to Marie Anna Luise Jahnke and describe why she is different?

Here you go. Apart from being married twice, I couldn’t find a noticeable difference. Though, I have seen other people without that feature whose names were printed in italic, too. So, I don’t think multiple marriages might be the one or any reason for that.

The wiki seems clear regarding the combination of “bold and italic emphasis”:

“For a person listed as a parent or spouse of the Active Person, the name is emphasized if that person has a parent family. For a person listed as a sibling or child of the Active Person, the name is emphasized if that person has children.”

I now see why I’m having difficulty reproducing the Italics.

My Configuration option for the Relationship view has the “View links as website links” enabled in the Layout tab.

With that option, both the underline & italics go away. (It has a lot less visual clutter.)