Relationships screen very busy

After getting rid of all my other genealogy programs for gramps, I have a small problem with the relationships screen. I have several lines of ancestors with very large families and when I bring them up in the relationships screen, it becomes very busy looking and I have to slow way down to make sure I’m selecting the right icons to edit. How hard would it be to have the screen look something like the way FamilyHistorian 6 and other genealogy software displays a family. Seems it would be much cleaner then a strictly text base screen.

Let’s start with a reference screen capture. Then you can make some more specific suggestions:

Have you tried:

  1. the Combined View mode add-on by @Nick-Hall

  1. the experimental Profile View mode by @cdhorn

Hard to create? Depends on coding ability.

There is a discussion on an alternate view. The code is still experimental and is not available in the 3rd party download; manual install only.

As to the relationships view, I too took a while getting used to it; always going back to what I was previously using. Now, I would never go back.

That said, there are some things within the view you can minimize.

In each view there will be a configuration option. Gramps-config

Three of the options for the Relationships view allow you to not show siblings, show names only, or remove the Edit icons at the end of each person. This will limit the edit to the active person only.

Additionally, on the left side of each family grouping will be a down arrow. These allow you to temporarily collapse the entire family or just the children or siblings. I often do this to help focus on which grouping I am currently working .

Additionally, other users will swear by using other views as their main view and data entry.