Re-create Admin status/account, single tree?

Early in the evolution of my installation, I changed my user account to “owner” from “admin”. This to resolve, I thought, a problem that was related to no “owner” account. Sorry I cannot recall the exact details.

In any case, it now appears, reading the user guides, the admin account is the only one that can do certain things, so it appears I have a potential problem.

Is there a way to reset my status to admin? If not and I must reinstall are the latest images more current that what I’m running now? I’d like to retain the currently registered users.

Gramps 5.1.6
Gramps Web API 1.5.1
Gramps Web Frontend 24.1.2
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

Just add a new admin user on the command line, see here at the bottom: User system - Gramps Web