New User registration error (Error 405)

When a user tries to register, they get an Error 405.


This happens when no tree owner account exists yet. This is because newly registered users must be approved by a tree owner, which does not work if none exists.

Please provide more information on your setup.

This happens when no tree owner account exists yet. This is because newly registered users must be approved by a tree owner, which does not work if none exists.

How can that be fixed?

If you want support, please provide more details.

When do they get a 405? Screenshot? Logs? How should we know what’s wrong in your setup?

The site administrator needs to go into their preferences (the circular icon at the top) and then then Administration tab. Edit one user (presumably the administration him / her / their self) and set their role to “Owner”

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Is that a DigitalOcean preferences feature or a Gramps Web menu?

Either way, sounds like an important edition to the docs … hopefully with a link to more information about the Preferences Administration tab.

I created a Gramps Web Droplet in DigtalOcean and set up authentication to the droplet.
The IP assigned to the droplet I used to create a domain in
According to documantation I ran ‘ssh root@164.xx.xx.xx’ and as far I can see it went OK (check image).
So far so good … but when I try to create a new user in Gramps WEB screen an error 405 was shown (check image).

I don’t know what a tree owner account is and how to fix it.
Help appreciated …

Looks like this is a regression, reported by @dmgursky here grampsweb does not initialize correctly on install… · Issue #387 · gramps-project/gramps-webapi · GitHub

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Should be fixed in the latest release.

@dmgursky @rajan to update your DO droplet:

cd /opt/grampsweb
docker-compose pull grampsweb && docker-compose up -d

Thanks … now I get a different form (first run) with two sections:

Create an admin account
E-mail settings
One simple question:

Upload family tree /Select a file … is GrampsXML Package (tree+media) OK?

I don’t think XML with Media is supported, just the Tree.

I exported to Web Family Tree … but that was also unsupported
Screenshot from 2023-07-01 11-14-50
Screenshot from 2023-07-01 11-20-47

You will need to select the “Gramps XML (family tree)” option.

@Nick-Hall Maybe there should be a better destinction in this section for new users that Gramps XML is the recommended/default option? Web family tree sounds connected to gramps-web. Maybe something like this:

- Gramps XML (family tree data)
- Gramps XML Package (family tree and media)

- List of other formats
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One of the things that causes a bit of confusion is that Gramps remembers the last options selected. And only a very few features offer a ‘Reset to defaults’ feature. (Such as what is offered in the menus of the Gramplet splitbars.)

Since new users tend to play with options when they have NO idea what each feature does, they become disoriented in the overwhelming number of options.

I periodically go into the gramps.ini with a text editor to strip the clutter. And delete all the view ini files. But this might be beyond the comfort zone of some users.

At some point, we will probably need a tool that allows chunks of preferences to be cleaned to defaults without touching the multitude of fine tunings … like your preferred Date format and filepath customizations. (Chunks such as “reset all splitbars” or " all views" or “reset all reports/tools”)

As Gramps Web is a multi-user environment, I cannot image how it deals with customizations.

OK … I chose Gramps XML (family tree) but how do I get the images into the Web Gramps.


No, unfortunately not. This is because the way the Gramps XML + media package is set up and handled by Gramps internally is not safe enough for use on a web server with potentially untrusted content. But, to answer your question,

I implemented a new feature for that last week which will land in the next version.


But even easier and working already now is just setting up the sync plugin. It will upload all media files that are missing on the server.

The documentation around import/export/sync needs to be improved though.


For every format other than Gramps XML, Gramps Web will display the following warning: “If you intend to synchronize an existing Gramps database with Gramps Web, use the Gramps XML (.gramps) format instead.”

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Thanks for your input …

Gramps Web Sync is still under development … is it safe to use it?

Depends on your definition of safe. I use it on a daily basis for my real tree. But I would advise you to regularly (say, once a week or before/after major changes) export your database to XML as backup. This is actually independent of using the sync plugin or not, but simply because you are running a system that allows collaborative editing, but does not (yet) record the edit history.

I guess you mean exporting Gramps XML (family tree) … not Gramps XML Package (family tree and media)