PR run failed on GitHub, what can I do?

Since a couple of weeks (I think), I’m getting messages from GitHub telling me that a particular PR run failed, for a fix that I pushed to my own fork 8 months ago:

These messages seem to appear weekly, but they didn’t start right after I filed my PR, but just a few weeks ago, and I think this one’s the second, maybe third.

Can anyone tell me what I can do abou this, if anything? Can it be linked to the workflow file? I noticed that @Nick-Hall changed that to run on ubuntu-20.04 on Mar 7. The workflow file associated with this run still mentions 18.04:

Note that the preview shown on Discourse doesn’t show the actual PR.

Make sure that your fork is up to date and using the latest workflow file.

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I just did that, and had no idea that this thing even existed. Thanks!

Oops, I updated that file, but it didn’t solve the problem. The error just showed up in my mail again. There seems to be a faling test that I can’t associate with my fix.

The Discourse preview is still wrong, but the link will show the proper log.

I just saw that there are more PR’s suffering from the same problem, like this one:

This PR had a failing unit test. I have just fixed it.

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And I just got another mail, of the same type, for which the log says that the unit test failed. And that log starts with a dozen lines saying: connection refused.

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