How to report Gramps errors?

I’m a new user of GrampsHub. I found several errors, but as a newbie I’m not able to decide how to report errors.

There are several GitHub repositories, there is this forum with several categories, and there is the Bugtracker.

My problems:

  • Which problem is related to which part of the Gramps universe? I would need a detailed knowledge of the internals of those components to direct my issue to the correct bug/issue report tool.
  • Several accounts, no single sign-in.

Is there an easy-to-use way to report issues?


Never heard of GrampsHub but a quick google shows the contact details for that unrelated business on the following page Grampshub | Privacy Policy if you have a problem with them contact them directly seeing they charge you money.

The bugtracker here is for the Gramps desktop program which is free of cost.

Several accounts, no single sign-in.

Unrelated to each other apart from that business using part of Gramps just like Gramps Online – rollApp uses Gramps for its commercial purposes.

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@DavidMStraub announced the launch of GrampsHub in July 2023. It is a managed GrampsWeb hosting service.

@hartenthaler, posting your initial support question here (in the GrampsWeb category of the Gramps Discourse community support forum) is fine. No need to worry about whether the issue is in Gramps, GrampsWeb or GrampsHub.

This Discourse forum is the best place for newbie questions. We can connect you to the right place in the complex ecosystem of Support options. And will do some handholding along the way. (This is the easiest place to share screen captures too!)

David will followup on the issues related to GrampsWeb or GrampsHub pieces. (Hopefully, more users will become familiar enough with GrampWeb idiosyncrasies over time. There are already a couple who answer the occasional question. Then he will have less stress answering questions. Which means he has more time to enhance Gramps Web.) And users familiar with Gramps will chime in on those issues.

I noticed that you posted a cascade of questions on GitHub. Then David noted some as Gramps issues… like import of GEDCOM dialects. I’ll try to go through those and cross-post here to Discourse as appropriate today.

I strongly recommend that you install the desktop version of Gramps locally and use it in combination with GrampsWeb on the GrampsHub hosting service. With shared development going back to 2001, the original desktop version of Gramps is more mature than the GrampsWeb fork. It has more features and tools for data manipulation.

The Gramps Web Sync addon allows to keep your public collaborative tree in sync with your private experimental tree.


This forum is probably the best place to start.

We mostly use the Mantis bug tracker to report problems. This predates our use of GitHub. Unfortunately it requires a separate login.

The Gramps Web and our web API are much more recent creations. It was just more convenient for the developers to use GitHub Issues for these. I appreciate that this requires a separate login for users though.

GrampsHub is a commercial business that it is not part of the Gramps community. They use Gramps Web, so you can report related problems to us directly. Obviously we cannot help with problems related to payments or their web service.


Hi all,

thanks for clarifying @emyoulation and @Nick-Hall.

Indeed Grampshub ist a hosting service for Gramps Web which is separate from the Gramps community, but this is also true for every other private Gramps Web deployment, isn’t it?

Consequently, I am a bit surprised by statements like “If you have a problem with them contact them directly seeing they charge you money” @GulliblePangolin. In fact, I’m almost offended by it. Please respect that I’m not only insvesting a lot of free time into Gramps Web API and Gramps.js, but am also the most active contributor to solving issues and answering forum posts here in the Gramps Web category.

In fact @hartenthaler I thinks it’s awesome that you reported so much feedback to Web API and Gramps.js today. This is exactly the right approach and the 2 open source projects will benefit from it :clap:

@emyoulation & @Nick-Hall, some more background: I closed two issues by @hartenthaler related to Gedcom import behaviour (Wrong formatted error messages · Issue #438 · gramps-project/gramps-webapi · GitHub, Mixed up notes (my notes and error messages after GEDCOM import) · Issue #439 · gramps-project/gramps-webapi · GitHub) and asked him to report it to Gramps directly, as it’s not specific to Web. And I agree this thread is a great place to start :+1: