PR #941 - Improved Age Stats gramplet

I have been working on an improved Age Stats gramplet in pull request #941.

See screenshot below:

It has similar functionality to the old gramplet. Hovering over a bar highlights it. Double clicking on a bar shows a quick report of the people within the selected range.

I have added an orange bar for values exceeding the maximum range set in the configuration. The chart also automatically resizes.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Perhaps we should separate the charts into separate gramplets? Would some pie charts be useful?


Oh I like that! Do the age stats include living people, or just those with dates of death?


The lifespan chart only includes people with a death event, but the parent-child age difference charts include living people.

This looks really great… No need to split the different charts, other than if its possible to print them, then i be a feature to have one chart on one page, or one chart printed to one image file… May be easier to usee in different presentation maybe, if they are separate…?

Wow! that’s a big improvement on the old text based chart!

One immediate thought… Could you break out separate “0” & “<1” rows? The Stillborn & Infant Mortality are typically stats that interest people.

Any chance you might create a re-usable routine to add QuickReport pop-up menu item to export the selected data to the body of a new ‘ToDo’ Note? …one where the export that preserves the hotlinks? If the current ‘copy’ clipboarded links in addition to plain text, it would provide a similar functionality. I know I’d love to be able whip up a pre-linked Note from the Pedigree or Deep Connections gramplet!

It wouldn’t have to save immediately… but that data opened in the Note Editor would make a nice working list that could be trimmed before saving.

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