Age Stats Gramplet

I’ve just discovered the Age Stats gramplet, but it doesn’t appear to operate as expected.
I created a person view of all descendants of Fred Bloggs and expected the age stats output to show age distributions for that data set. But it appears to ignore the filtered set…
Am I missing something?

GRAMPS 5.1.1 W10 pro

The Age Stats is a dashboard gramplet. It reports on the entire Tree, not a filtered subset. See the discussion thread:

Note that the Age Stats graphics were reworked for the upcoming 5.2 release:

I had found the graphical reworking, thanks.
So has the idea #941 been taken on board? I agree with the original proposer in that the function is of limited use as it currently stands. Tagging all descendants and exporting to a new database to report is a workaround, I guess, but it’s probably more flexible to export the subset to Excel.

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