Photgraph on Pedigree chart

I am looking to see if I can include the icon of the person’s photograph in the Pedigree tree.

I am running Windows 10 and Gramps 5.1.3-1.

There are a lot of ways to present a pedigree in Gramps.

Several of the Reports have an output option to embed a gallery image.

Similarly, there are Configure options for several of the Charts view modes.

Which Pedigree feature are you asking about?

When I click on Charts, I have several chart options on the toolbar. I am referring to the Pedigree option.

For the Pedigree View, there are several configuration options you can make to the view including adding an images.

In All views there is an Icon Gramps-config[Configure the active view] to set options specific to that view.

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You may want to use the Avatar Generator add-on too. (Although some classier silhouettes than the default make a big difference.)