People not showing

Win 8.1, GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2
Neither the People or Grouped People individuals are showing in the display area. What should I do?
Thank you
Michael Dietz

Do you mean that No Persons are listed?

Look in the lower right of the status bar, in the Grouped People mode of the People view, does it read something like “People Tree View: 0/42129” ?

If this is the case, you may have a filter (or Search bar) with criteria set that can find no matching People.

At first glance, the search bar criteria shown of “smith” looks like it should find something. (This tree has 488 people with ‘smith’ somewhere in the name.) But the pull-down menu just to the right is telling the search to look at IDs, not names. So no matches will be found.

Make certain that the Search bar has been 'Clear’ed. Then open the People view’s Gramplet sidebar & bottombar. Go to the Filter gramplet and click Reset. Then click Find. (Normally, the Filter gramplet is not added to the bottombar… only to the sidebar. But if you’ve been experimenting, then anything is possible.)

In the following screenshot (with Gramps using the “Raleigh” theme and the example.gramps tree), there are dueling Filter gramplets. Even though the sidebar filter is clear, the bottombar filter was the last one run. And that other Filter Gramplet is looking for People with the tag named “Weirdness”. But that tag was just created and no record has that Tag yet.

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