No application associated with printing Trees - FIXED

Using latest version under Win 10 Pro

Attempting to print any report in the last option of - “Reports - Trees” eg Ancestor, Descendant, Grandparent etc results in the following error…

[WinError 1155] No application is associated with the specified file for this operation: ‘E:\FAMILY TREE\STRUK FAMILY TREE 2020\REPORTS\Family Tree 1_gt_ancestor.tex’

Am I missing a plugin? Advice to rectify would be appreciated.

You chose LaTeX as the output format but don’t have a default viewer set in the OS for that file type.

That mean you don’t typically use LaTeX. So just install a LaTex viewer or choose a different output format.

Thank you for your quick reply.

The only option on offer in the drop down is “LaTeX” - I generally print to PDF however this is not an available option.

Do i have a misconfiguration or some other option requiring a change?

Tweaked the previous reply.

You can set up the Genealogy Tree addon to also use PDF by following the instructions here


There was a previous thread

Here is the relevant link to installing on Win10

Thank you!! Appreciate your and other comments.

I’ll add that I’m really enjoying GRAMPS and its many features.

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