New 'like' options

Noticed that we now have more than “love” options on postings.

There’s no disagree? And what is the smiley with hands mean?

The option in admin is called discourse reactions .

The names of each default emoji in order are: Heart / +1 / laughing / open_mouth / clap / confetti_ball / hugs

If I’m provided with the emoji name I’ll add /remove to tailor to this forum, but I suggest we keep it under 8 emoji’s !

How about replacing hugs with
thumbsdown or cry ? There should be one that signifies disagreeing.

Cry would be less of a conflict generator.

The Confetti Balls don’t resonate with me either. Don’t s’pose we could use the party popper instead?

Done, I’ve changed Hugs to Cry.



So, I’m somewhat emoji-challenged but the Celebration/Party Popper emoji seems…an odd reaction to add to a post? I’ve never seen it on other boards.

Since I’m splitting hairs, Love, Thumbs Up and Clapping are all pretty much the same reaction. Personally, I think a “Confused” reaction could be appropriate where a posting is missing essential information or leaps to a conclusion that doesn’t seem to follow. I realize that some people might be offended to receive such a reaction, however.


The Party Popper is on the GitHub forum. You’ll usually see it when someone posts a solution, fix or enhancement that is appreciated & celebrated. Love & Clapping are arguably the same.

Although I see the following ‘clapping’ on Facebook frequently and it feels sarcastic… more like a “thank you, Captain Obvious”:

Open source has few rewards and needs the ability to express appreciation.

Thumbs up is a simple acknowledge or basic agree.

I’ve resented being limited to the Heart because it carried too much inappropriate emotional context in MOST cases. Most of the time, I just wanted to politely acknowledge a cogent response without the clutter of a “thanks, that’s helpful” posting. Sometimes, I wanted a little strong. “yes, that’s what I was thinking too”.

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