Narrated website horizontal scrollbar

GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2, Windows 10.

When I generate a narrated website no scrollbar appears at the foot of the browser screen. Since the ancestor tree (and some other elements) are not responsive, this means parts on the right are off-screen. I’ve tested this in Chrome, Firefox and Edge with the same result.

I can see nothing in the CSS which would cause this. Does anyone know a solution? Thanks

This will be solved in 5.2
In the ancestortree.css (data/css/ancestortree.css) you can do the following:
replace the line 39:

page-break-before:always; by 



and remove line 48:

overflow: visible;

It should solve your problem.

Hi SNoiraud,

Thanks for letting me know that it’ll be fixed.

Your suggestion did at least provide a scrollbar in the ancestor tree container, so it’s a partial solution.

You spoke about the ancestor tree. What is really your problem ?
What theme do you use ?
You can test the next release here: Example with the gramps database - Surnames

If you think something is incorrect, you can comment here.

I meant the narrated website. I’ve tried with various themes with the same result. There is no horizontal scrollbar, so when the content is wider than the available browser space the right-hand side is not visible. I mentioned the ancestor tree only as an example because that’s always quite wide, but the same happens when the text parts of the web page are wider than the screen.
The link you posted is what I now have using your suggestions to tweak ancestortree.css. But the next release page also puts a scrollbar in the text part when needed. I’ll look into adapting the other style sheets accordingly. It looks exactly like what I’m after.
Thanks again.

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