Some usability improvements

Hi everyone!

Is it possible make some of these improvements?

  1. Right after adding something like Citations, then the citations list should be automatically scrolled down (up) to the created item. For now each time after adding I look for the new item.
  2. Created item is the last in the list. When I hover mouse over the item, the horisontal scroolbar appears and overlaps about 70% of the item. Is it possible add some empty space below the list to avoid overlapping?
  3. It is possible numerate references lists everywhere in the app? Real case: when I add Census events to multiple people, then I check if all references added counting them.

Which of these improvemets make sence on your mind?

Where do you see that ? (in what view ?)
You can sort the items on the creation date
Is the next screenshot could help you ?

You can simply open Citations, scroll vertical bar to the middle position and create a new Citation. You will see that scroll will not be changed, no scrolling down. I always use sorting by Last changed (it is my first column)

And also I use Gramps 5.2.1 on Ubuntu. Maybe something listed above is a bug, not a feature.

It would be nice if the views with rows added a dummy row (or 2, depending on the row height compared to the scrollbar height) at the bottom. All too often the bottom row cannot ve selected or dragged due to the horizontal scrollbar highjacking the hotspot.

The right column only rarely has a similar issue. It doesn’t seem to merit a similar workaround.

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When that happens to me, I just click on the row above it, press down arrow, and then press Enter.

Agree with you. I also thought about solution with dummy(empty) rows.

Sure, I dont say thats a blocker. Thats why I write about these improvements as usability. I can use them as is. I dont use your method with above row because it is extra clicks - extra time. Each time I try catch rest 30% of row height and click it. But this is only several pixels. It would be nice to make something if possible.

The theme’s CSS file may be able to help here by setting the height of rows. It is the CSS file that could specify visible lines between rows and alternating colors of rows.

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Personally I would like permanent scroll bars, Touch screens have a lot to answer for.

Install the Themes addon and select [ ] Fixed Scrollbar (Requires Restart)

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Is it suitable only for 5v2 or later?

Themes goes back to 2019. So that’s 5.0.x

Only I am running 5v1x and after changing the Themes .gpr. file to load for 5v1 gramps, I got an error message when entering the Preferences menu.

16573: ERROR: line 173: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gramps/gui/”, line 674, in preferences_activate
GrampsPreferences(self.uistate, self.dbstate)
File “/home/george/.gramps/gramps51/plugins/Themes/”, line 112, in init
AttributeError: ‘GrampsPreferences’ object has no attribute ‘add_data_panel’

I am running Linux Mint.

There was a change in Themes from 5.1 to 5.2. Themes adds itself to the Tabs in Preferences. There was a major change to Preferences in 5.2.

If you are on Gramps 5.1 you need to install Themes for 5.1.