Move the database to another folder


As didiergou posted here, he has his database located in another folder (a dropbox one).

I want to achieve the same. Let "s say I want to store only the database in a Nextcloud folder. As NextCloud have a system integration, for Gramps, that cloud folder looks like any other files system folder. So my question is, how can I tell the program to store my information in a different folder rather than in \Data\settings\gramps\grampsdb.

My purpose is to access the database from different laptops (of course, only one user at a time and the same gramps version).

Here, I am in Windows 10 with a portable version of Gramps 5.1.4-1, and in Kubuntu 21.04, I have version 5.1.4-1.

go to Edit>Preference>Family tree
there you can specify the folder for database files and for backup files


You have your question answered, but additionally you can always select a folder in Nextcloud client to sync it in.

Ey folks, thanks for your replies. I appreciated. It is working now.

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