How do you store your database and media?

Do you use the standard database location?
Have you made its own folder for it somewhere else on your computer?
Do you have Media files the same place you have the database location, or its own place?

This is just because I am curious what other people are doing, its not really “help”.

I do not use the standard database location for anything other than the database.

I created a “Gramps” folder (under my userid’s “Documents” folder) with subfolders for “database backups”, “exports”, “imports”, “media”, and “reports”. I set the Preferences paths for backups and media accordingly. I wanted to keep all of these separate from the software.

(Now that I think about it, don’t know why I continue to the use the standard database location for the database, instead of creating a “database” folder within my “Gramps” folder.)

Anyway, within that Gramps folder, I also created a link to the Gramps user directory, where the .ini files, custom filters, and plugins are stored, and also a link to the folder where the example.gramps database is stored. Those links save me a lot of time, since those locations are hard to remember and find.

I don’t know if it really matters where you store things, as long as back them up somewhere else. But I would be interested to hear how others might have used network drives or cloud storage for any of their files.

I too am on Win10 and there are two profiles on my system. To have the same database available to both profiles, I set up a Genealogy folder on c:\users\public Within the same Genealogy folder i keep the Media folder and folders for my research. Each user profile has their own standard Gramps user files in the normal location. The profiles run on different screen resolution sizes that they cannot have the same set of files that remember window sizes and locations.

You may be interested in the GRAMPSHOME setting which can tell Gramps to install the user files in a different location.

More importantly are backups. I move the backup files created on exit to a USB drive. And once a week, I backup my media folder and my profile’s Gramps user folder to an external hard drive. I do this by a simple d-n-d to the external drive.

I thought I saved my info on my external hard drive. I got another laptop and opened my Gramps folder only to find out everything was gone! I spent countless hours entering info. I could’ve cried.

Is there nothing on the external drive?

Gramps doesn’t recognize backups as Family Tree files. You have to either:

  1. move the folder grampsdb from within the User Directory’s gramps subdirectory; or
  2. create a fresh Tree, in which you import your backup

I have a E:\Gramps folder that have one folder for Databases and one for Media now.
Gramps itself is installed on C

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