Modify Place format (preference) and possibilty to use PLAC.FORM in exported Gedcom files

First version:
GRAMPS: 5.1.3
Python: 3.8.5 (default, Jan 27 2021, 15:41:15) […
BSDDB: 6.2.7 (5, 3, 28)
sqlite: 3.31.1 (2.6.0)
OS: Linux
Distribution: 5.8.0-53-generic

After some tries I think I understand the syntax for editing the Place format.

My proposel is to add another choice in the edit. The new choice would be Country as the levels would be different for different countries.

In Sweden we have a short for Län (County). This is placed in the code attribute and it would be nice if some syntax in the level make it possible to output “name code

in Gedom 5.1.1 there is the tag called PLAC.FORM. The default value of this is put in Gedcom HEAD. If PLAC.FORM differ from the default it is possible to add another PLAC.FORM in the Event part of any person or family.

With a button in Place format gramps should add PLAC.FORM in correct way.

Hope fully this would rather simple to implement

The PR, if it is ever accepted, includes code to deal with PLAC.FORM. Both for import and export. And of course, the place format is much more flexible to make dealing with country specific requirements easier.

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