Merging places - is this possible?

I would like to merge places by choosing them manually - I have a number of near-duplicates. The result of the merge must be that any records that reference these should be updated to the merged place.

Gramps 5.1.2
Ubuntu 20.04

No Problem. Select the Places View and highlight the first place by clicking the mouse on it. The Hold down the CTRL key and click on the second place to be merged with the first. You will now have the two places to be merged highlighted. ( I find that a couple of goes are needed to highlight the second) Right click the mouse on either of them and select Merge from the drop down list. All references to either of the original places will be redirected to the merged place. Simples.

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Yes, you can merge places.

You can select the two records (only two), right-click, merge or the Merge icon gramps-merge

Any events referencing the records will all be merged into the remaining record.

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Thanks for your quick replies - works a treat!

There is one more thing to note, If the two places have different “Enclosed By” places then the merged place will have two “Enclosed By” places. Different means having different ID numbers.


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