Mangle text in Discourse emails

i do get regular emails of the discussions here. but some of the text is mangled. it looks like it is just overlapped. can someone tell me what is causing this? i captured a screen of the Firefox 87 session on Gmail showing what it looks like for me. normally Firefox will push boxes over the edge and add a scrollbar if it can’t make the text fit right. in this case i don’t know if it is an issue with how Discourse formats its HTML or what Gmail is doing with it. this image is HD size (1920x1080) in JPEG format in 286931 bytes, so it should be quick to view:

Windows? It looks like I’ve seen when the OS Settings are pushing the point size of the fonts to larger than ‘normal’. Or have the browser zoom scale overridden.

The image maybe that but what text & zoom setting are you using for Firefox?

Actually it is a given that these settings have been tweaked. The titlebar text for the captured window is dramatically smaller than the the point size in the rest of the window.

The CSS must be using fixed positions for those overlapping elements instead of sliding ones.

no, Xubuntu 18.04.5 last upgraded and reboot (because there was a new kernel and nothing critical was running) a few hours ago. Firefox is version 87.

i don’t know of these settings, how to view them, or how to change them. i am very ignorant of GUI (i do CLI, mostly, or coding, mostly in Python3).

i get disappointed in software that doesn’t behave in some reasonable way using default settings. text mushing over text is not in the reasonable class.

OTOH, i can just use the web interface. it seems to be reasonable.

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