Make part of a note invisible in the output

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Some programs have a way of making part(s) of a note invisible in the output.

[* some text *}

[[ some text ]]

Can Gramps do that too and how?

It is an “all or nothing” for the built-in markup support. A “Private” note will not be included … provided that the the override isn’t enabled.

However, if you are using the website generator, it allows for HTML notes. That markup should support commenting.

And there’s the REALLY ugly workaround of using a white foreground text color in the Note Editor. But then you would only see the text in the interface if it was reversed by selection highlighting.

You can link one note from another too. So you could link to a private note.

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Ok, thanks for the reply, I understand, but there is a way:

I looked at the notes and they can be 1 of 11 types. If there would be added a 12th type “hidden” and than where you define what you want inside a report, if you could UNmark just the the hidden notetypes, and show all others, that would solve the problem.
I looked and now you can only mark if you want ALL notes or no notes at all.
If you could exclude that special type of note that would be great.

Would that be possible?

I ask because until now when i am resaerching, i put a link or remark in a note to be able to go back quickly to where i was looking.

As very briefly mentioned above, that’s pretty much what the Private lock is for.

Click the unlocked padlock icon on a Note to “lock” it as Private.

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Thank you so much.

Thats excactly what i want. I will use that method!!