macOS 12 beta testers ONLY

The packager of the macOS, John Ralls, advises that beta test versions of Monterey were exhibiting an incompatibility with GTK3 applications. (Including Gramps)

If you are a Developer beta testing the pre-release macOS and see all black windows, you can download a patched libraries version from the Gramps-Intel-5.1.4-4.dmg package from the Gramps 5.1.4 SourceForge archive..

If you are not testing Monterey, you do NOT need to download a new version. And it is likely Apple will resolve this low-level graphics code conflict with GTK3 before final release. So you might NEVER need this patch.

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note that the link for 5.1.4-3 is gone as it actually contained gramps 5.1.3 and Jralls updated it to Gramps 5.1.4-4

New dmg 5.1.4-4 uploaded to SourceForge and Github with the right Gramps in it.


@emyoulation No indication that this is a beta only test from Jralls as it fully replaces the previous macOS builds for Gramps 5.1.4.

Jralls’s message on the developer mailing list:

John Ralls (Fri, 15 Oct, 09:45)

A heads-up for those of you who handle the user lists/discord: I’ve just uploaded a new Gramps-5.1.4 dmg that works around a change in Apple’s low-level graphics code in the last two macOS 12 betas that caused Gtk3-based application windows to be all black under the title bar. The fixed version is available for download from the Github release page and from Sourceforge. It’s Gramps-Intel-5.1.4-3.dmg.

John Ralls

The beta test is for Monterey (macOS 12), not Gramps. Since there is no PR in the GitHub repository for Gramps, that means any changes were in the support files outside Gramps but packaged with it.

By definition, such compensatory changes to to the support files will be ‘beta’ until Monterey hits the Final Candidate stage.

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