Lost icons in the Wiki

Does someone understand the icon & iconset MediaWiki templates? The process for fixing broken icons or adding missing icons is not clear.

The Gramps icon set page exists in our MediaWiki site for defining an uploaded family of 16x16, 22x22, 48x48, & SVG variants of icons used throughout Gramps.

And the Template:Icon allows the icons to be inserted in our wiki pages. The ability to represent icons in the wiki is critical… because icons are inconsistently labeled in the rollover hints. (Not only because of translation either. The Share icon is identified in hints in a bewildering spectrum of ways.)

The Template:Icon/doc is just a thumbnail sheet of the icons supported by with Template:Icon page. It is also used to abbreviate the Template:Icon page.

Regardless, there are broken links, missing resolutions & missing families for listed icons. (Like the broken Clipboard, overlooked toolbar icons, missing resolutions for the Config icon.)

Once we have better instructions for populating these templates, anyone can help fix the broken items in the wiki. (We all have all the resolutions & SVGs of the icons in our downloads of Gramps. And there’s no issue about writing or language skills.)

These have been broken for a LONG time. Helping to Fix icons would be a welcome & generous contribution to the project. And the extra icons would reduce ambiguity in the user documentation… which benefits everyone.

Yes I understand it, note I added the Template:Icon page back in 2011 based on old style wikitext templates, and due to how the template works(expensive in processing power which is why it is broken!); it is no use working on it until Mediawiki has been upgraded by @sam888 who can then install the Lua script extension and then we can convert the old wikitext templates into a Lua module scripts!

You can see the newer Template:Icon over on Wikipedia uses the Lua script.

@daleathan – Thank you for that work!

But the thing is that we have NO way to tell when MediaWiki will be updated. Nor when (or IF!) the Lua support will be added.)

(Frankly, I’d rather see multiple language support for the WordPress pages first. There is currently a nearly impenetrable barrier-to-entry for new non-English speaking visitors to the website. The download page is translated into only 10 of the 30 or so available GUI languages. But it’s better than just English. I suppose a MediaWiki simplistic global gateway webpage could be created & linked from the WordPress homepage.)

So we just have to work within what exists now.

If that means stripping back the depth to thinly cover the full breadth, is that a option?

Or perhaps coverage could be segmented? Navigator icons under one template, toolbar icons under another & editor window icons under a third?

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