Logging of changes

Is it possible to see, which data within my genealogical tree I have changed lastly?
I’m using Gramps 5.1.2 on Ubuntu Linux.

Yes, each of the category views (People, Families, etc.) has a Last Changed column available in its configuration (you can then sort the view by this column), and there is also a Last Change gramplet that you can add to the Dashboard which shows that last 10 changes.

Within a session, the Session Log Gramplet will show you the most recently selected Persons and the Undo History dialog list spans all objects modifications.

Thank you for both answers.
Now I have installed the Last Change gramplet - it shows me only changes after the moment of gramplet installation. This is clear, but it doesnt help for former actions.
Unfortunately, the Session Log Gramplet I cannot find in the list of possible addons. Additionally I have the problem, that I’m using gramps with german interface and the denotations of menu entries are some times not the really translation from english to german. But finally, I fear that this gramplet also shows changes after the gramplet installation …

You are correct. There is no “audit trail” feature in Gramps. And the tools that we have mentioned are only for the current editing session.

As George said, you CAN sort each individual Category View by modified date. But it is hard to follow the trail of changes because series of secondary objects tend to be added in sequence… so they are in different Categories.

Perhaps you can write you own report that lists all objects in order of modification? The Last Change report would be a reasonable reference for how to do that. Maybe start by forking it & increasing from 10 records in each category to 100. You could probably import that output into a Spreadsheet, break it into columns & then sort on the “Changed On” modified date.

I strongly suggest that if you have a serious problem that you are trying to undo, that you inventory your backup files so that you can identify restore points. You’ll want to remember which was before the problematic change & which were immediately after.

Although it would be an agonizing process, you might want to experiment with the Import & Merge tool. Import the earlier restore point backup into a fresh tree & the Import & Merge the later version.

You can also sort all views by the last change column. See:

Many Thanxs Serge, this is the solution for me!

Kind regards and thanks to all gramps developers and maintainers!

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