Living legend feature for Charts

Having just referenced a diagram from another system, it was a good reminder that charts are abstractions that might be unfamiliar. So a Legend is often useful.

The Contextual Family Tree from GEPS 30 New Visualization Techniques

Gramps has titles but no legends, no color keys.

It would be nice if charts had the option to insert a (collapsible?) legend as an inset box.

And while that Contextual Family legend is comprehensive, the thought occurred that having the legend diagram a selected person in the tree instead of a dummy could open new options and or use more familiar data.

A pet peeve of mine is report identification. I believe I opened a Gramps bug report about this years ago.

Suppose you generate a cool report and a couple of cousins get a copy and pass along copies to others. All too often, those recipients lose track of who prepared the report, when, and even what it purports to represent. In my view, ALL reports should have include a block of meta-data that at least hints at these elements. Maybe a report identification block (ala architectural drawings) or just standard header/footer elements or some other approach depending on the type of report.

Climbing down off the soap box now…


I searched Mantis for your bug report but couldn’t find it. I like the idea and would add my own thoughts to the issue, if you can post a link to it.

Found these:

  • 0004975: Editable title in ancestor and descendant chart reports
  • 0006316: Report Identification Information
  • 0004883: Add Researcher Information to Reports

And while identifying the report & copyright in the Header/Footer would be a nice option, it isn’t the same as a legend. The Legend instructs users how to interpret the abstractions.

Different indeed but your post reminded me of a bothersome issue.


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