Improving repeated use of graphical reports

When recording my research, I find myself generating ancestor- and descendant- tree reports very often, as a way to recap progress before next step. I keep wondering if the process for generating those reports can be improved.

File name: when generating a graphical report>Ancestor tree into a pdf file, Gramps proposes as a default the last used filename, no matter who is the current center person. Which I often overlook, with unwanted results like the pdf for Mary’s ancestors getting named “John ancestor_chart.pdf”
Is there a way to make the proposed default filename correspond to the center person?

Ideal would be “ ancestor_chart.pdf”. If it is too difficult to clean up the name to the OS’ requirements, just “ ancestor_chart.pdf” would already be a big improvement.
Is there a way to do this, or does it require new developments?

Shortcut to a given center person: when working on a particular branch of the tree, I often need to generate a report for a center person who is 3-4 generations away from my current person. Is there a way to create a shortcut to “graphical report>Ancestor tree, center person Doe,John” ?

Thank you.
dan - using AIO32-5.1.5-1 on win10.

Have you looked at using the Books option in Gramps but for a single report, or maybe using the command line options in a script?

Thank you!
Indeed creating a book for each new center person solves both questions.
Thanks again

Add a final page with filters name you used in reports of your book. If you restore your backup in a new database or change your filters, filters used in your book could be lost/upset.

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