Languages in Gramps. How many?

  1. I read FAQ file now:
    And see:
  1. Does Gramps exist in other languages?
    -Yes, at the moment Gramps is translated in 15 languages
  1. I read Wiki about languages:
    45 (44 + en_US) on page
    40 + 1 languages (I change to 43 + 1, sorry :slight_smile:)
  2. In I see 38 languages (in row 51) but 33 (in row 509):
  3. Dir /po/ have 43 .po files:

Can I change all numbers in all files to 43 + 1 languages?
And add needed language code?
And delete en_AU from Wiki?

I think a few of the languages in the .po files are extremely incomplete, that may be why they are not listed in setup.

If you discover a reasonably complete language that is not in setup, please make a note of it here.

The AIO also needs to be updated if other languages are supported. It currently lists 37. Looks like the ‘ta’ is missing compare to the ALL_LINGUAS in setup.

You may also want to compare lists in…

I’m afraid to disrupt work of code.
I will change FAQ and Wiki, not code.
43 + 1. In future all .po files must have more 70% translated words. I hope in this.

And one question please.
You wrote to me about “My first Pull request (#1074)”:

I have rebased and merged this manually. I did combine a few of the ru.po file commits into a single commit.
In the future, it would be best to keep to one topic per PR; these were in a lot of different subject areas. Although you correctly kept it to one topic per commit. This will make it easier for us to review, and will avoid the possibility that we would reject your PR because we were not ready to accept a single part of your PR.

What I must for work on rule “One commit - one PR”?
GitHub add all my commits in one PR in auto mode. I try create PR and close. I lose my PR.
I think - I must create new PR, developer must test my PR and close.
Then I can create new PR.
P.S. I change INSTALL file, create PR. Then try resolve this
And two my commits joined to one PR again…

The usual way to deal with multiple subjects is to use git on your local machine and work on one subject at a time in a ‘branch’ dedicated to that subject. That branch would be based off of master or the maintenance/gramps51 branches, as appropriate. When you push the branch, it can be used to create the PR and only the commits in the branch get included.

It is fine to have several commits in a single PR as long as they are on topic, needed to work together, working improvements etc.

I usually name my branches after the subject, to keep them easier to identify (bug12345, ru_update, install_update, etc.). But that is up to you.

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