Are the Installer dialogs translated?

I am curious. Are the various installers multilingual?

My OS only has the English language pack. I cannot run a test to see what the installer offers if you have a different language selected.

I do know that the Windows AIO installer defaults to the British dictionary even though I have the US region selected. Do you have to manually select the Translations & Dictionaries for your language in other languages?

The Gramps AIO builds use the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System(NSIS) the Gramps install script can be found in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64-5.1.3\src\grampsaio64.nsi

Looking at the script I’d guess no.

On the NSIS wiki the following mentions how to handle translations of the script but the information may be outdated as the last edit was in 2013!

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Cool. PO files for the Windows installer… That should be familiar to our translators.

Unfortunately, translating installers means we have to look for Translators in each language for each of the supported OSes. Since most of the documentation pages about translating are for Linux tools, that might be a challenge.

Are the Linux (flatpak) or macOS installers any more internationalization friendly? It seems like the Distros should already have this covered.

Installer is in my native language (french) when I use it on my computer but in the same view than you (“Choose components” wich is “Choississez les composants” in french), components displayed in the selection box are in english:


Dictionaries (Dictionnaires in french)
Translations (Traductions in french)

If as Description says I fly my mouse over a componant its description appears in english in the right description box:
Here my mouse was on Translations when I took my screenshot.

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The main body of the installers already being translated takes a big chunk of the task away.

So that only leaves the option labels & hints to make compatible with the PO tools.

If you need a French translation I can do it.

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If it hasn’t already been prepared to use PO files, that will have to happen first.

I’ve submitted a feature request. As soon as I get net access back for my PC, it will be interesting to see explore what it takes to add strings of text to the translation list.

There’s a bit in the wiki to help new developers make their add-ons support localization… all the examples use Linux tools. So it isn’t real helpful for Windoze newbie developers. (I expect that by the time a person is qualified to improve that documentation, they will be absorbed in being able to add to FEATURES, not docs.)

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