Language support? Selectable at login time or elsewhere, by user?

Gramps 5.1.6

Gramps Web API 1.5.1
Gramps Web Frontend 24.1.2
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

Is it possible to have several languages available for a user to select from, either at login or associated with their login/profile?

If my efforts prove amusing or interesting, there are at least 4 languages including English, that might be desired. Due to emigration and so forth.

So far it appears answer is “not at present”.

Yes, possible.

Ah, I see the language selection is available once a person is logged in. That is wonderful. I see some things, such as blog entry, and “tree” data such as names are not translated, but that is minor, I guess.

And . . . I see the language selection persists upon logout as well. Well, I guess that is good too.

For future reference by other users trying to find the Language settings:
After logging in, click the Preferences icon in the upper right of the Gramps Web titlebar.

The basic “Member” level’s Preferences includes 2 tabs:

User settings

  • A Logout button
  • Languages selection
  • Selecting the Home Person
  • Changing your E-mail
  • a Change password

System information

When submitting a bug report or posting a question, please use the Copy to clipboard feature and include that in your posting.

As @joea said, this information persists and the docs say it is cached locally. Where is that stored?

(When doing validations for support responses and grabbing screenshots, the data needs to be cleared. Owners of Gramps Web instances will need to do the same for their site visitors too.)

Which information?

Language settings are stored in browser local storage.

Documentation reads like the Language and Home Person user settings are stored locally.

Where exactly? What filename can be expected? (I want to repeatedly clear JUST those settings rather than clearing the cache or the whole browser. That’s needed for experimenting with the OS set to various languages. And to see what features are affected by not having a Home Person set.)

Browser local storage.

You can selectively delete it by opening dev tools (F12), Application, Storage, and delete what you like from the “” storage (local storage stores by domain. That means your settings for different Gramps Web instances will not interfere.)

In the case of Firefox v117.0, the locally saved preferences can be found in the browser’s cache.

When the browser is showing the Gramps Web site, select “More tools” from Firefox’s hamburger menu at the right of the toolbar, then select “Web Developer Tools”.
In the Storage tab, open the Local Storage and click row for the Gramps Web site.

The Preferences items that are stored locally are:

  • gramps_settings (language selection)
  • gramps_settings_tree (the tree ID and home person)
  • recentObject (the tree ID and most recent object viewed)

The token value is in Epoch time ticks. That value can be converted to human time with the Epoch Converter

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