Question about translating. Settings/Preferences/Options

I have no idea if the Development or the Help is the category is best for this topic, but:

When it comes to translation on Weblate, I have a question I dont remember in the top of my head right now.
In what context are these different ones used, when is Preference(s) used, when is Setting(s) used, and when is Option(s) used in the context of Gramps, do you just want the direct possibible translation?

In Gramps, “Preferences” refers to the dialog in which the user can set system-wide configuration options.

We use “Options” for the settings of reports, tools, gramplets etc…

Unfortunately, I recently created the string “Settings”. It is only used in the new Addon Manager for the tab that contains the addon settings that were previously in the Preferences dialog. Would you like me to rename this to make things more consistent?

Ah, ok, that clers something up a little bit.

I personally think so, but maybe someone else have different opinion.
After thinking about it little more, at least in my mind, “Settings” and “Options” is basically the same thing in this context or?

I personally haven’t thought that much about the differences between those words before to be honest.

Yes. All three words have very similar meanings in Gramps.

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